Katyn: Viktor Ilyukhin’s letter to Vladimir Putin

The Communist Deputy V. I. Ilyukhin has sent a collection of materials regarding the falsification of documents concerning the “Katyn Affair” to Prime Minister V. V. Putin

2010-09-10 13:14
Press office of the CPRF faction – kprf.ru

V. I. Ilyukhin has turned to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin with a letter of the following content:

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

I am  sending to you a collection of materials from the ”round table meeting” concerning the subject “Katyn: judicial and political aspects”, which was conducted in the State Duma on April 19, 2010.

In its work participated major Russian scientists, history scholars, lawyers, representatives for the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office, who have been directly involved in the investigation of the criminal justice case regarding the death of Polish POWs.

With the support of collected additional materials regarding the Katyn tragedy, the meeting participants came to the clear conclusion that the Poles were shot in the Autumn of 1941 by the Fascists after their occupation of Smolensk oblast. This opinion has also emerged on the basis of facts testifying of the falsification of historical documents. The investigation of the criminal justice case was bordered by serious violations of procedures, conducted for the benefit of the Poles, thus it is necessary to go on with the preliminary investigation and when it is over all available documents in its possession must be turned over to a court for a public evaluation.

At the same time it has been stated that it would be appropriate to create a Russian government commission in order to establish what happened to the 200 000 Red Guards and civilians (Russians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Jews), who ended up in Polish captivity during the years 1918-1920.

According to available information over 80 000 people died in Polish camps from the intentional denial of medical care, brutal treatment, lack of food and shootings.

We ask you to look into this.

Attachment: 2 copies of the brochure “The Secrets of the Katyn Tragedy”.


Vice-chairman of the Committee
for Constitutional Legislation
and State Construction
V. I. Ilyukhin

Source: http://kprf.ru/dep/82378.html

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4 Responses to “Katyn: Viktor Ilyukhin’s letter to Vladimir Putin”

  1. Mervyn Drage Says:

    I am a member of the Stalin Society in Britain.

    Google us in.

    We have published material arguing that the Polish officers were shot by the Nazis.

  2. Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. Says:

    This is a quote from my book The ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2011 which will be going to the printers in Decemver (this year – 2010) which has been somewhat elaborated by now (but this rather closes.) In short, I think shooting Polish fascist officers was exactly the right thing to do and this is a draft reconstruction of a conversation that might have occurred between The Boss and Comrade Beria.
    Thank you,
    Jason W. Smith, Ph.D.

  3. Mythcracker Says:

    Can you send me more information about your coming book? I would like to read what you write about this case. This draft reconstruction of a conversation between Stalin and Beria, is it based on archive document or what? Or is it just your own ideas and theories?

    Regarding the authenticity of the so called “Beria’s letter No. 794/B” (the famous “shooting order”) you can see that it was signed on March 5, 1940 by Stalin, Voroshilov, Molotov och Mikoyan. The interesting thing is that Mikoyan never met Stalin in Kremlin that day (according to the journal of Stalin’s visitors). But his signature is present in the document!

    So, if you ask me, I’m sure that these “closed package No. 1” documents are forged. But then again, I’m not sure that the Soviets are completely free from guilt, I think they might have shot some of those Polish officers (see Kaganovich’s testimony earlier in my blog). It seems to me that the Germans also were involved in this in one way or another.

    It’s a great pity that the Russian government won’t declassify everything about Katyn. It seems to me they are afraid of something (most certainly they don’t want to reveal the fact, that the Katyn documents have been forged).

  4. Jason W. Smith, Ph.D. Says:

    Dear Comrade: I am going to try and send you a copy of the most recent pre-pub version of the 7th edition of this book. It used to be FUNDAMENTALS OF HISTORICAL MATERIALISM, BOLSHEVISM ___(YEAR) but I changed the name for reasons explained in the preface to this new 7th edition now called the ABC’s OF COMMUNISM, BOLSHEVISM 2011. If I can’t figure out how to attach it here (and I am still somewhat IT challenged) I will be happy to e-mail it to you as an attachment if you would be kind enough to write me at drjasonsmith@hotmail.com and give me your desire e address.
    As for the conversations in Chapters 13 through 16 of this book they are entirely of my own construction based on forty odd years of study. Take them for with that in mind and for what they may be worth in your opinion.
    If Stalin didn’t order the execution of all these Polish fascist army officers running from the Nazi’s he certainly should have, in my opinion.I know I would have. Remember these are the same SOB’s that defeated us on the Vistula in August of 1920 and we owed it to them for that if nothing else. Furthermore, we would just have to kill them later anyway once the war with Germany got underway and I am sure you know that was inevitable. -And, then they would have taken a lot of our boys with them because they would have been rearmed. Remember these were officers not enlisted men (not even NCO’s) so there can be no ethical objection to ridding the world of this human garbage class enemies.
    Actually the most important part of this book consists of the expansion of Karl Marx work on primitive communism which is in the first nine chapters leading to the three chapters on the Servitude Epoch (chs 10, 11 and 12 – i.e., slavery, feudalism and capitalism.) I will also send you my paper prepared for an anthropological (especially the subdiscipline of archaeology) entitled KARL MARX’S SECOND MAGNUM OPUS (some 28 pp only compared to the 598 pp of ABC’s).
    As one might expect the most interest in practice, however has been in the chapters 13 – 16 (i.e., 13 – the Stage of Stalinist Socialism; 14 – Bolshevism Spreads to China; 15 – the USSR from NEP to the Five Year Plans; and, 16 – The Second World War.)
    Some more info on me is in Ch 27.
    Finally, I have published five volumes of an eight volume autobiography entitled Idaho Smith’s Search for the Foundation is in five libraries (Harvard, Yale, Oklahoma State Univ, Boise State Univ, and California State Univ Northridge) in case one happens to be near you. Volumes four and five about my adventures in the Peruvian prison in Lurigancho (Lima) Peru will be on line and available for all to read within a week or so.
    In addition to drjasonsmith@hotmail.com I have another e-mail I use for the Idaho Smith books (a name given me many decades ago by J Edgar Hoover) which is IdahoSmith@hotmail.com. I am living at the moment in Oklahoma City with a California cell phone which you should feel free to call (310 266-9380).
    Enough for the moment.
    I will have to wait for your e-mail to send you the most recent pre pub version of ABC’s. In the meantime you can see what we have up at http://www.abcsofcommunism.info.
    All the best

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