Lies about the Katyn Massacre

On September 17 1939 Soviet troops moved in into eastern Poland and re-captured territories that were taken from them by force in the Soviet-Polish War 1919-1921, namely western Belorussia and western Ukraine.

Between September 17 and October 2 the Red Army captured 452 536 Polish prisoners of war, many of which were soon let free and could return to their homes. Among those who remained in Soviet captivity were 18 789 Polish officers. They were kept in three POW camps in Kozelsk, Starobelsk and Ostashkov.

In the Spring of 1940, according to the official story, they were all cold-bloodedly massacred by the NKVD troops and buried in mass graves that were “found” in 1943 by the Germans.

Immediately the Germans, led by their propaganda minister doctor Josef Goebbels, started a massive campaign with the goal to split the Western-Soviet alliance. Katyn affair was just perfect for that purpose. The Polish government-in-exile that was led by Sikorski, “bought” the German version almost immediately, before they even had a chance to examine the graves. Shortly after that the Soviets broke their diplomatic contacts with the Poles.

After the WWII the Katyn affair had been a political weapon used by western “democracies” in their war againt the “evil Soviet empire” (for instance in 1950’s, during the coldest times of the cold war, when american congress investigated the case and made a conclusion that the Soviets were guilty).

When times of perestroika came Mikhail Gorbachev was severely pressed by the Poles and Jaruzelsi to admit that the “Katyn crime” was carried out by the Soviet NKVD… and in April of 1990 he officially proclaimed that that was what happened without presenting any single evidence to that.

In 1990’s investigations began in order to find “the truth” about Katyn, and several documents were “found” by the new new Russian liberalists. Those documents that are supposed to prove the Soviets guilt wer Beria’s memo of March 5, 1940; Politbureau’s decision from the same date, and KGB chief Shelepin’s memo to Khrustchev of March 3, 1959.

Those documents proved to be fakes. For instance, the Beria memo was published again three years later (in 1995) but had no date on it this time. How come? Later the liberalist archivists said that the date was actually March 3, 1940. So, what should we believe in: March 5, March 3 or “…March, 1940”? Your guess is as good as mine.

Many witnesses have told stories that do contradict with the now official version. For instance, several people had witnessed that they had seen Polish officers in Smolensk in July of 1941! If those same (?) officers were killed by NKVD, then they should have been lying in their graves since March or April of 1940. But, no, people saw them with their own eyes!

The place were the supposed NKVD crime took place was a Soviet pioneer camp that was used until June of 1941. Did the children live in their tents that were placed directly on the newly created massgraves (with stinking air and odoeur from dead bodies beneath them all around)?

There are lots and lots of arguments against the now official version. And those are no Soviet revisionist propaganda as some people may object. Those facts are undeniable and point towards German guilt. The Katyn crime has not been properly investigated by the Russian authorities. Between 1990 and 2004 lots of documents were assembled, but now only 1/3 of them are publicly available. And the problem is probably not that Russians are trying to cover up Stalin’s crimes. They are rather trying to cover up their own failed investigation with all the fake documents and fake witnesses that contradict even each other.

And before a proper investigation had been made in court (!) with all the evidence available, then people like Andrzej Wajda have no moral right to accuse the Russians for this crime. I will continue to write about Katyn, mostly in Swedish, but you are welcome to mail me with your questions about this. The truth about Katyn is yet to be discovered.


2 Responses to “Lies about the Katyn Massacre”

  1. “Katyń” - Andrzej Wajdas amoralske show « INTERPRES Says:

    […] Lies about the Katyn-massacre Tagged with: Katyn, Nazityskland « Katyn-tragedien og hemmeligheden bag Hitlers bunker […]

  2. Michael Kuznetsov Says:

    Greetings from Russia!

    Kudos to you, Mythcracker, for this excellent post.
    You are absolutely right.
    And we believe the Truth will prevail in the long run.

    Our Cause Is Just
    The Enemy Will Be Smashed
    Victory Will Be Ours!

    Michael Kuznetsov

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